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Technical Asset Management
Our Technical Asset Management team provides you a single point of contact for your solar assets. With decades of international experience in our team, there are few technical issues that we have not dealt with before.

Optimisation / repair suggestions

Detailed O&M activities reporting

Support for insurance claims

Defining spare part strategies

Monitoring and claiming warranty issues

KPI management and advisory (PR, Availability)

Compliance with TSO/DSO and cyber security regulations

Operation & Maintenance

24/7/365 service coverage

Detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual reports

Board reporting

Asset management assistance (regulatory, UTF, financials)

Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Electrical and mechanical maintenance

Module cleaning

Vegetatation abatement

Spare part management

Management of specialised subcontractors

Response time Guarantee

Plant Availability

Product Guarantee

Performance Ratio Guarantee

Performance Boost

Equipment Upgrade

Safety Enhancement

Advanced O&M Solution
AI Monitoring Platform
Epower AI System
Streamline Monitoring & Control

Increase Productivity

Top Performance on and off Site

Reliable & Automated Operation

Minimize Downtime and Operation Cost

Decrease Time to React

Increase Accuracy

Maintain Transparency

Cloud Computation

Big Data Driven Analysis

Geographic & Topographic Condition Integration
24/7 Insights
Key Performance Indicator
Identify the hign-impact issues
Automated alarm notifications & ticketing
All-Round Staion Imaging & AI Ticketing
Aerial Drone Mappping Solution
Defects Supervision & Reporting(Module Level)
Smart Apps Ticketing & Notification
Accurate Identification
All - Round Station Imaging
Repowering & Upgrade
Chint Smartpower is capable of conducting the technical due dilligence to all PV system components and quality audits, and offers various technical upgrades for solar power plants, whose benefits and profitability are tested by our experts on a customer-specific and non-binding basis.
Performance Boost
Increase the energy production, system efficiency, etc.
Equipment Upgrade
Upgrade the equipment to meet the latest regulation requirement, e.g. AVC upgrade.
Safety Enhancement
Enhance the safe operation of the plant, e.g. structure, security of secondary system
Preventive Test Services
Chint Smartpower offers package solution for Preventive Test Service

Extend the lifetime of the equipment

Minimize the Risk

Reduced the unscheduled outage

Capacitor Box



HV Circuit Breaker

Relaying Protection



HV Switchgear

Value Added Services


Inspection & Maintenance



Due Diligence/Qulity Audit

All-round Technical DD on Construction and OM Service and Integrated Analysis Output Delivery

Asset Quality Audit for Project Trading

Plant (re) Commissioning

Installation Commissioning

Acceptance Inspection Assistance

Grid Connection Support

Project Development Consultant

IPP Development

Porject Construction

Project Trading

Equipment Supply Chain Support